Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Solemnity of All Saints -- November 1, 2013

The Solemnity of All Saints
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church
November 1, 2013

We think we could never be saints. 
We think we aren’t good enough.

But Saint John in the second reading reminds us:
“Beloved, we are God’s children”
And as God’s children we are called to be Saints.

We think that the saints were always holy,
but that’s not quite true. 

Many of the saints struggled throughout their lives;
they struggled through their sinfulness to become holy.

They worked very hard at bringing the Beatitudes to life.

They worked to become poor in spirit, to hunger and thirst for righteousness, to be clean of heart, to show mercy and bring about peace.

Some were even insulted and persecuted because of their quest for holiness.  They now rejoice in heaven.

Pope Francis, reflecting upon our annual Feast of All Saints posed this question,

“Who among us has not experienced insecurity, loss and even doubts along the journey of faith?

“All of us, myself included.

“It is part of the journey of faith, part of the journey of our lives.

“All of us are weak,” he continued.  “We all have our limits.  Do not panic.”

The communion of saints goes beyond this earthly life, goes beyond death and lasts forever.

There is a deep and unbreakable bond between those of us who are still pilgrims and those who have crossed the threshold of death into eternity.

The communion that we share with the saints is realized most fully when, in our prayers, we ask for the Saints to intercede for us.

We think falsely that we could never be saints;
when, in fact, many of us are already well on the way.


  1. Thank you Jesus for our wonderful saints who are on the other side. Thank you Jesus for life on both sides.

  2. Even with all the turmoil, it is heartening that the number of Saints is increasing and some future saint may be among us.