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01-18-2015 -- 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

January 18, 2015 - 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

Often I hear people say, “If the Lord would just tell me what I need to do, I would do it.”

And I wonder, maybe God is saying something but they just can’t hear the voice of God, or they hear but don’t know that it’s God speaking to them.

As a boy, Samuel heard the voice of God but he could not identify it. What makes us so sure we aren’t making the same mistake as Samuel?

Maybe the Lord is trying to speak to us and we either aren’t listening or we can’t identify his voice.

So it’s important for us to understand why Samuel made this mistake. The story tells us. Samuel did not yet know the Lord, because the word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.

He heard but didn’t understand who was speaking. An introduction was needed.

Eli, who already had a friendship with God, came to understand that the Lord was calling Samuel and introduced Samuel to the Lord.

When God called Samuel the fourth time Samuel knew who was speaking so he said, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

This introduction is often necessary; especially today when the Lord’s voice can be mistaken, ignored or even overlooked in our noisy, busy lives.

Andrew was delighted to introduce people to Jesus. He’s the one who brings the boy with the five loaves and the two fish. He brings some inquiring Greeks to see Jesus.

And in today’s Gospel, he brings his brother, Simon Peter, to meet Jesus. The Lord issues an invitation to Andrew and Simon Peter, and through this encounter, the brothers become Jesus’ disciples.

The Lord issues an invitation to each of us, but it is up to us to respond. And that brings us to our second reason why we might not hear the Lord speak to us.

We might not be listening. We have to be ready to hear the call. We have to be in the right place to hear the call.

Samuel was in the right place. He was living in the Lord’s sanctuary.

The disciples were in the right place. They were already followers of John the Baptist.

We have to be in the right place spiritually and physically.

Physically, Samuel was in the temple. The disciples were with the Lord. Do we come here to this sacred shrine to listen?

As we grow in friendship, we learn to recognize the Lord’s voice and walk in his ways.

John introduced his disciples to Jesus.
Andrew introduced Simon Peter to Jesus.
Eli introduced Samuel to the Lord.

We are introduced to the Lord each time we gather here to celebrate holy mass. The Lord comes to us in the Eucharist, to be with us, to nourish us, to speak to us in the depths of our souls.

When we find ourselves saying, “If the Lord would just tell me what I need to do, I would do it…” we should say instead, “Speak Lord you servant is listening.”

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