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03-29-2015 -- Palm Sunday, Year B

March 29, 2015 - Palm Sunday, Year B
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

We are usually drawn into a good story. Perhaps it is because there is a character that we can relate to. Or maybe it is a story that we can recognize. We feel like we fit in the story.

As we watch the story unfold we wonder how would we react in the same situation. Or we may even feel like we are there participating in the action ourselves.

The Passion Narrative that we read on Palm Sunday has that kind of power. We are drawn into the story. We take our places among the characters.

While the crowd shouted hosanna, the chief priests and scribes were looking for a way to arrest Jesus.

A woman anointed Jesus in anticipation of his burial. Her use of expensive perfumed oil upset some.

At the Last Supper, Jesus took bread and said this is my body broken for you. Jesus took wine and said this is my blood poured out for the salvation of many.

After supper, Peter, James and John fell asleep while Jesus prayed. Judas betrayed. Peter denied. The others ran away. Jesus was arrested.

The Sanhedrin produced false testimony against him. The high priest tore his robes in condemnation. Pilot questioned while the crowd shouted crucify!

The soldiers led Jesus away striking and stripping him. Simon carried the cross. The soldiers crucified him and cast lots for his few meager belongings.

The chief priests and scribes mocked. Mary and the other Mary and Salome and the other women watched at a distance.

Innocent of the charges brought against him, Jesus breathed his last and died on the cross. Joseph of Arimathea took the body from the cross and buried it.

Mary and the other Mary watched in silence.

As we are drawn into the drama of the Passion Narrative, we ask ourselves, where am I in this story?

Am I with the crowds, fickle, going along with anything?

Am I with the disciples who deny and betray and run away?

Am I with the chief priests and scribes who mock and condemn?

Am I with the Roman soldiers carrying out the unjust orders of others?

Am I with Mary and the other Mary and Salome watching in silence?

As we make the journey with Jesus through this Holy Week, let us take the time to place ourselves within this story.

Let us meditate on Jesus’ passion, reflecting and praying and asking ourselves: where am I in this passion narrative?

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