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05-31-2015 -- Holy Trinity, Year B

May 31, 2015 - Holy Trinity, Year B
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

God, our God, is relational. Our God is social. God, the Father, is God the lover. God, the Son, is Jesus the beloved. God, the Holy Spirit, is love. They are a family, the family of God.

How do we know this about our God? We discover this about God here in our liturgy, in the lyrics of our songs, in our reading of sacred Scripture, and especially in the Eucharist.

Here we discover the divine message of God's love, that God's love is a beautiful work of art. The story of God’s love and care for us is a masterpiece of Divine Revelation.

God, the lover, the creator of heaven and earth, has molded us and fashioned us in the divine image.

Jesus, the beloved, has loved us to the point of dying on the cross for each one of us. He gave his life that we might be saved for sin and death and hell.

The Holy Spirit of love has filled us with love and made us all beautiful, beloved creations.

If we are made in the image and likeness of God, then we are created to be relational, to be social, just like God.

It is for this that we derive our human dignity. We come to discover that we are the adopted children of God, that we don’t live in isolation, that we belong to this community of faith.

We are God’s children. So, we belong to God's family. That's why baptism is so important. It is our entry into God's family. It is also our entry into this community of faith.

If God, our God, is relational and social then our God is the model for how we should interact with one another.

When we look at the Most Holy Trinity, we notice that there is no god the gossip, there is no god the thief, there is no god the controller. Our God is not god the malicious or god the mean-spirited.

And yet in our social interactions with one another we can be gossipy, we can take from one another, we can try to control and manipulate others into doing what we want, we can be mean-spirited.

In our interactions with one another we need to learn to be more like God: God, the lover, God, the beloved, and God, the Spirit of love.

We are called each day to the task of becoming more like God, God, the generous, God, the merciful. We are called to become more like God who is just and acts with great kindness and tenderness and charity.

Moses, one of our great fathers of faith, says to us that we should fix in our hearts that the Lord is God, the Lord who molded and fashioned and created us and breathed life into each of us, the Almighty, is God in heaven and on earth.

There is no other who loves us as much as God loves us. There is no other who cares for us as much as God cares for us. And in return we are called to change our ways so that we become more like God.

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