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08-16-2015 -- 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

August 16, 2015 - 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

In the first reading from the Book of Proverbs, Lady Wisdom builds a house and prepares a meal and says come, be my guest, and eat my food. Leave behind your foolish ways and you will grow in understanding.

Jesus makes his home with Lady Wisdom. The Lord Jesus joins Lady Wisdom in inviting us to the feast that has been so carefully prepared.

Jesus says I am the feast. I am the Bread of Life. To accept this invitation is the beginning of wisdom in each of us.

But it seems so many today would rather live foolishly. Or maybe in our foolishness we don’t even realize that we have failed to accept the invitation to seek out wisdom in our lives.

So I thought maybe we might reflect on some things that can help us grow in wisdom.

And if we each took one thing from today's reflections, it would help us all become better, wiser people.

The foolish always look for someone to blame for their misfortunes. They try to be right by making others wrong. Playing the blame game only keeps us trapped in the role of the victim.

But the wise refuse to be victims. They take responsibility for their actions. They know there is no one to blame. The wise learn from their mistakes and seek to learn from everyone in every situation.

The foolish spend too much time gossiping, living in a world of lies and deceit and half-truths, ruining the good name and reputation of others.

But the wise live in the truth. They know how to listen. They know that silence is an important discipline and that noise crowds out wisdom.

The foolish live their lives in a virtual reality. They post everything online for the whole world to see. And then wonder why everybody knows all their business.

The wise understand that privacy is important and that there are some things that are meant to be treasured in the heart, not on the web.

The foolish get jealous over things that other people have. But the wise are content with what they have.

The foolish are constantly trying to impress others. But the wise only try to impress themselves.

The foolish get offended too easily when they don’t get their way. But the wise have learned to listen to authority. They seek an increase in knowledge and know that their decisions often must be tempered by the wisdom of others.

The wise do not lament yesterday's mistakes but look forward to a new day with a positive attitude.

The wise are full of gratitude and treat others with charity. The wise plan for the future and seek to make something of their lives.

Lady Wisdom has prepared a feast and Jesus has invited us to that feast. We can live foolishly or we can accept the invitation to live in Lady Wisdom’s house.

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