Saturday, May 14, 2016

5-15-2016 -- Pentecost, Year C

May 15, 2016 - Pentecost, Year C
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

Jesus says, “Peace be with you.” But living together in peace and harmony in the midst of a culture that is increasingly selfish and violent, self-absorbed and lacking in charity seems like a task that is becoming almost impossible.

Instead of just accepting these mean, nasty, self-indulgent traits of ours, maybe this Feast of Pentecost is an opportunity for some self-reflection, an opportunity to ask, “Why is it that I do those self-indulgent, self-absorbed, mean and selfish things?

It’s okay for a toddler not to know the answer to this question “Why?” and it’s seemingly foolish for a parent to expect an answer from one so young. But we adults do not have the same excuse.

We cannot simply say, “I do not know why I do the things that I do.” This is lazy, especially when it is about the things that I do that do not bring peace.

And I think it’s important for us to look at this lack of peace in our lives, because the lack of peace means the lack of Christ. Where peace is absent, Christ is absent. How do I know this?

Because Jesus Christ says he comes bringing peace. And so, when there is peace, there is Christ. When we are peaceful, we are also Christlike.

This is where we want to be. And little by little by little we are working to get there.

We are working on this, each on our own and all of us together as a family of faith to be more peaceful, to be more Christlike.

Look at how this community responded to the terrible house fires of some of our own parishioners. Almost four thousand dollars were given out of love, out of care, out of concern; given knowing nothing would come in return, except a grateful “thank you.”

Do you see how that brings peace? Do you see how that brings Christ? It is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit present in our midst.

The Holy Spirit that we celebrate this Pentecost comes upon us and overshadows us, just like the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary when she conceived Jesus in her womb.

When the Holy Spirit overshadows us, the Spirit of God comes bringing wisdom, understanding, right judgment, strength, knowledge, devotion and love of God.

Come Holy Spirit shed a ray of light into our dark hearts.
Come with your sweet refreshment. Come be our welcome guest.

Heal our wounds. Pour water onto our dryness.
Wash away the guilt of our sins.

Bend our stubborn wills. Melt our frozen hearts.
Guide our feet when we go astray.

Come Holy Spirit, give us joy and peace that never end.

Amen. Alleluia.

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