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01-8-2017 -- Epiphany, Year A

Jan. 8, 2017 - Epiphany, Year A 
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

The Magi were stargazers. The Magi were travelers. The Magi were foreigners. They were not Jewish. In other words, they represent all the different people of the earth.

We are not Jewish. So, when we walk into the manger scene, we are like the Magi. We are foreigners.

Because the Magi represent everybody, everybody can come to the manger to see the Christ child.

This is where our word Catholic finds its beginnings. Catholic means universal. Everyone is invited. Everyone is included.

So as we begin this New Year, can we look to the Magi to help us with our Catholic faith? We can reflect on what they did. Then, we can try to imitate them. In this way, we become like them. We become wise.

What did they do? They came bringing gifts. They came to adore. And then, they went home by another way.

They came bringing gifts. Their gifts were expensive and precious and meaningful.

What do we bring? Each one of us has has something to offer. What gift has God given to you for you to share with us? We come bringing gifts.

They came to adore. They kneel. They adore. They bow their heads. They pray. They recognize that there is one who is mightier. There is one who deserves their adoration.

We come to adore. As Catholics we come here to listen to the Scriptures and to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to lift our voices in Songs of Thanksgiving and Praise. That’s what we do Sunday after Sunday. That’s how we adore.

They go home by another way. Having been warned in a dream of Herod’s plot. They return home by another route.

They traveled a great distance to behold the Christ child. Their lives were forever transformed by this encounter with the Lord.

We travel rather short distances in comparison. And we have the rich opportunity to come here over and over again.

We should leave here changed. And so when we depart from here, we go home having been changed. In other words, we go home another way.

We come bringing gifts. We come to adore. We go home having been transformed. We go home another way.

By doing this, we truly become wise.

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