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03-19-2017 -- 3rd Sunday of Lent, Year A

Mar. 19, 2017 - 3rd Sunday of Lent, Year A 
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

The woman is filled with want and desire. She knows something is missing in her life. There is a void that she is trying to fill. She is lonely.

She is trying to quench that need. So she goes to the well at midday. Women did not go to the well at midday. It was too hot. They went in the morning when it was cool.

What was she looking for at the well at midday? An eighth husband perhaps? Or yet another companion who is not her husband?

What signals does she send? What does her body language say? What kind of first impression does she make? What were the people in the village saying about her?

Maybe she was too ashamed to come to the well with the other women. Maybe they shunned her or whispered about her just loud enough for her to hear.

Maybe she was an outcast because of the manner in which she chose to deal with the wants and desires in her life.

People can be judgy, you know. Had they condemned her? Or dismissed her? Or talked about her so that her reputation was tarnished beyond repair?

She was a Samaritan and an adulteress. Jesus was a Jew and single. Typically, Jews hated Samaritans and men Jesus’ age were married.

She fully expected Jesus to either condemn or dismiss her. But Jesus doesn’t do what she expects.

Jesus accepts her. Jesus treats her with respect. Jesus patiently shows her that he can fill those wants and desires in a way that she doesn’t expect.

“The water I give becomes a spring welling up to eternal life.” “Sir I know the Messiah is coming.” “I am he.”

We are either like the Samaritan woman or we are like the judgy town folk.

On the one hand we might be trying to fill our wants and desires in some pretty unhealthy ways.

Or on the other we might be judging others for their shortcomings.

In either case, the Lord Jesus offers us another way.

We are flawed. We have weaknesses. With the Lord there is kindness and fullness of redemption. With the Lord there is acceptance and forgiveness for past failings and shortcomings. With the Lord there is love and a longing to fill our emptiness.

In the midday heat of life, the Lord Jesus offers us a cool refreshing drink of water to quench our thirst.

As a result of the Samaritan woman’s testimony many more sinners came to Jesus finding acceptance and healing. Many more had their thirst quenched with a tall glass of refreshing eternal water.

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