Saturday, April 15, 2017

04-16-17 -- Easter

April 16, 2017 - Easter, Year A 
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

It seems to me that the world is a pretty tense place right now. Innocent people, especially innocent civilians were gassed to death in Syria.

Our Coptic Catholic brothers and sisters were bombed in Egypt while attending Palm Sunday services.

ISIS and Islamic radicalists continue to wage a jihad, a holy war, against us. Their end game includes the death of each one of us.

Tensions are rising between the United States and North Korea, and between the United States and Russia.

Elected Democratic and Republican officials have become polarized and entrenched, their rhetoric less and less civil. Their ability to lead and govern effectively is being questioned by many.

American society seems to be more and more divided, less and less charitable, more and more violent.

And while all that seems to be out there somewhere, there is a growing sense of unease and unrest here at home.

Our dependance on technology has become alarming and leads to great anxiety.

It appears that everywhere we look we find corruption and unrest, decay and destruction, violence and death.
But appearances can be deceiving.

Because the Angel of God descends from heaven, rolls back the stone, sits on it and proclaim: Do not be afraid!

The stillness of yesterday is broken. Death is overcome. The quiet is replaced with bells and music and laughter.

Darkness is overcome by light. Destruction is overcome by beauty. Depression is overcome by joy.

We let the alleluias wash over us. We let the waters of Baptism wash over us. Jesus is risen from the dead.

And we are called to come out into the light and be the children God call us to be.

So what needs to change? Whatever it is, let’s get to it. What’s holding us back? Whatever it is, Jesus has already overcome it.

As we renew our Baptismal promises, let us make a commitment to be people of the Resurrection, people who live in the light, people who go about their daily lives doing good, being kind and charitable, acting with compassion and love.

The angel calls us to rejoice. The angel calls us out of that unrest and decay and destruction and death.

The angel calls us to sing alleluia because Jesus has saved us. Death has no power here, because the Angel of God comes down from heaven, rolls back the stone and proclaims, Do not be afraid, the One you are seeking is here.

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