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06-18-17 -- Corpus Christi, Year A

June 18, 2017 - Corpus Christi, Year A 
Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church

With obesity on the rise in our nation and around the world, it’s very unlikely that we are ever truly hungry, at least for food.

But in our times, when our social and personal interactions are ever increasingly filtered through smartphones and social media, we seem to have a hunger for many things, other things, besides food.

We are hungry for love. We are hungry for acceptance.
We are hungry for affection. We are hungry for belonging.
We are hungry for good health. We are hungry for happiness.

Yet we devour all the wrong kinds of things to fill these hungers.

We stuff ourselves with food.
We drown ourselves in alcohol.
We hook up with others using online apps.
We deaden the pain with pills.
We try to quench our desires with porn.

Nothing satisfies. Nothing satisfies. So we continue devouring all the wrong things until we are stuffed.

On this Feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord, Jesus offers love.

Jesus offers acceptance. Jesus offers belonging. Jesus offers healing. Jesus offers happiness.

Jesus looks lovingly into our eyes and says: My body is for you. My blood is for you. I give my life for you.

I know sometimes coming up for communion doesn’t feel like Jesus taking ours faces into his hands, holding us close, looking into our eyes and saying to us, “I am for you.” But that’s exactly what is happening.

While I was in New York, I had the good fortune of seeing the revival of the award winning Broadway musical, Miss Saigon.

It is the love story of a Vietnamese woman who falls madly in love with an American soldier. And he falls for her as well. As fate would have it, Saigon falls and she is left behind.

He is forced to return to America heartbroken. In time he moves on. But she does not. She gives birth to his son.

There is a moment at the end of act one where she sings a heartbreaking love song to her son. I’d give my life for you. And eventually, she is forced to do just that.

Jesus is our love story. I give my life for you.

Jesus gives his life for you. Jesus cradles you in his arms. Jesus looks into you eyes and says, “I give my life for you.”

At this Eucharist we taste love. At this Eucharist we touch love.

When we come to realize this, when we come to understand this, then we realize that we are loved and accepted. We belong and there is no need for anything else.

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