Saturday, March 10, 2018

3/11/18 - 4th Sunday of Lent, Year B

Scripture Readings

Most of us get lost in the darkness at some point in our lives. Yes? Some of us for longer periods than others.

The priest who really doesn’t want to be a priest anymore because the church has changed and doesn’t seem as welcoming or relevant or spirit-filled as it used to. He’s unhappy but still effective in ministry and really too old to leave and do something else. 

The woman whose husband wakes up one morning and says, “I’m not the man you married. I’m not the man you think I am.” She feels for her husband but just can’t bring herself to accept what is happening and doesn’t want to start over.

The young man whose wife says after five years of marriage, “I don’t love you. I’m over you. I don’t care about you anymore.” He’s trying to make it work but she’s not giving anything at all.

The person who gets the medical diagnosis and knows that the future hold surgery after surgery after surgery with no hope of improvement.

You can add your own story of darkness. Anger. Illness. Mental illness. Despair. Grief. Addiction.

Without light, we stumble around in the dark. Without light, the darkness overcomes, overwhelms, frightens.

The light overcomes the darkness. The light helps us find our way. We have reached the midpoint of lent and maybe we are still wandering about in the darkness.

Being at the midpoint means we still have a chance to turn things around. Are we going to allow ourselves to be filled with fear and dread or are we going to be hopeful?

Jesus always gives us another chance to turn things around.

Jesus is the light that helps us find our way. We should not prefer the darkness. But sometimes we do. Rather, we should seek the light and the truth.

Saint Paul tells us God is rich in mercy. God doesn’t want us stumbling around in the dark. God wants to rescue us. That’s why God sent his son Jesus: to be a light in the darkness, to rescue us from our sins, to bring us to the truth.

Are we open to God rescuing us? Are we open to Jesus, the light, showing us the truth? Are we open to Jesus, the light, showing us the way?

We all get lost in the darkness from time to time. But because of the great love God has for us, we are brought to new life in Jesus Christ. We are saved. We are rescued from the darkness. We are brought into the light. 

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