Sunday, April 1, 2018

4/01/18 -- Easter Sunday

This morning all we have is an empty tomb. When Mary Magdalene stood at the tomb she didn’t encounter some perfect radiant glowing Risen Christ. Peter and John entered the tomb and all they found were burial cloths.

They did not yet understand that God had raised Jesus from the dead. 

We come here this Easter morning because we believe in the resurrection. We believe that Jesus is God’s only begotten son.

Jesus who went against the establishment, Jesus who insisted that the Kingdom of God was near, Jesus who touched the lepers and made them clean, who healed the blind, who said the first shall be last and love your enemies, Jesus who called a little band of misfits to follow…

If we believe that Jesus is who he says he is, God’s only begotten son, then we are left with an empty tomb because God raised his only son from the dead.

Our God has done as God has promised. Our God has saved Jesus. God has raised Jesus from the dead. And we come here because we want the Resurrection to have an affect on our lives.

Why? Because life is messy. The resurrection doesn't fix the messiness of life. We have to fix the messiness of life. The resurrection gives us hope. The resurrection gives us strength. The resurrection gives us grace.

The resurrection gives us the grace to face our pain and suffering. The resurrection gives us the strength to overcome our grief and sorrow. The resurrection gives us the courage to face our disappointments and struggles.

The resurrection heals our broken hearts. The resurrection rescues us from the darkness of sin and death and raises us to new life in Christ.

Christ is our light. We are joined to Christ in the waters of baptism and those waters are sprinkled upon us to remind us that our God saves us and raises us to new life. We are joined to Christ by receiving his body and blood in the Eucharist. 

This morning we may only encounter an empty tomb but that empty tomb points the way to the Risen Christ, Christ our light.

This morning is about our salvation. This morning we sing our Alleluia with joy because once again our God has come to save us.

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