Monday, December 31, 2018

1/1/19 -- Mary, the Mother of God

Scripture Reading

What’s one thing we usually ask when we are invited somewhere during the holidays? 

What can I bring? The host usually asks different people to bring different things. If everyone brought the same thing, it would be a pretty boring get together.

On this Feast of Mary the Mother of God, we reflect on what Mary brings. Mary brings Jesus Christ to us. 

Mary brings her yes. Mary brings her love. Mary brings faithfulness. Mary brings simplicity. Mary brings humility. Mary brings openness.

Joseph also brings his yes. It is a yes of silent obedience. He hears the angel in a dream and does what is asked, every time.

Joseph brings his silence. Joseph brings his obedience. Joseph brings strength. Joseph brings safety. Joseph brings protection. Joseph brings security. 

What are we bringing? Cynicism, judgment, negativity, despair, hopelessness, selfishness, greed, anger, mistrust.

What exactly are we bringing in response to God’s invitation?

During this New Year maybe we could work on bringing less of those things and more good things like Mary and Joseph.

Like Mary, we could bring a yes to doing God’s will instead of our own, a yes of humility, a yes of openness.

Like Joseph, we could bring a yes of obedience or a yes of faithfulness or even a yes of strength and protection for our loved ones.

We ask, “What can I bring?” whenever we are invited to a gathering, especially during the holidays.

Maybe we should also ask the same question when we gather here at the Lord’s house.

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